Informasi Program Studi

Systems & Information Technology
(Majoring in Microfinance)
        Students in systems and information technology degrees will study 
computer technology and communication in a broader perspective. In the 
context of information technology, the technical aspects of computer 
systems will be studied. Whereas in the scope of information systems 
students learn how to develop, build, and implement computer software 
for various business sectors, including the one from the 
micro-industries. During the course, students will study computer 
systems and technologies such as database systems, computer network 
management, web programming, information technology and system auditing, 
information security, and enterprise architecture. Since the major of 
this degree is on microfinance, some subjects focusing on microfinance 
are: Accounting, Systems and Microfinance Technology, Micro-lending, 
risk management, legal aspects in micro-lending

Information System
(Majoring in Digital Banking)
        In this course program, students will study how company to optimize 
business information to win more fierce business competition. Nowadays 
in winning the competition, the company need to be more innovated, 
better, adaptable, flexible, and faster. Hence the subjects taught in 
this course program prepare students with knowledge and skills in 
finding solutions to business problems, starting from designing, 
developing and delivering solutions through innovation in information 
systems. Students are also given the knowledge in developing and 
operating certain hardware and software to interact with data in regards 
with data mining, data structure & algorithm, and big data. Since, the 
focus of this course program is on digital banking, students are also 
expected to study management, finance, fintech technology and banking.

Information Technology
(Majoring in Digital Banking Sharia)
        The Bachelor Degree in Information Technology requires four years of 
study with a major focus on computers and technology. Students are 
expected to concentrate on the information technology and communication 
applications of computing. Upon study completion, graduates will 
comprehend in designing, developing and maintaining computer hardware, 
software and systems. Those knowledge and skills are gained through some 
core subjects, such as: Wireless Communication Technology, Artificial 
Intelligence, IT Governance (COBIT based), and IT Infrastructure 
Library. This course program differs from an Information System degree 
at BRI Institute, in this field of study students are also learn 
Accounting for Islamic Banking, Asset Liability Management (ALMA) 
Sharia, Risk Management of Islamic Banks, and Sharia Compliance.

Informatics Science
(Majoring in Insurance Technology)
        The courses in this field of study offers a balanced combination of the 
computer science and insurance particularly on its technology. The 
latest development of digital technology has had a major influence on 
the financial industry including insurance and reconfiguring more fierce 
business competitions. And as the data in insurance industry is in a 
large of quantity and supposed to be inter-related, the data analysis 
process is getting more complex. Hence, it requires a more sophisticated 
insurance business model. In line with those needs, some core subjects 
that being taught in this course program are Data Structure and 
Algorithm, Web Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, 
Data Mining Techniques, Data Analysis & Visualization, Risk Management 
in Insurance, Underwriting, and Wealth Management.

Digital Business Technology
(Majoring in Business and Financial Banking)
        Nowadays, every company is a digital business. Digital technology plays 
an important role in winning the market competition. Moreover, 
digitalization has taken place at all stages of business processes, 
starting from understanding customers, translating customer needs, up to 
shipping process and payments. in line with these developments, this 
course program mainly focuses on the knowledge and skills of students 
that are related to digitalization in business processes. This knowledge 
is gained through several subjects taught, including: Data Science, 
Cyber Security, Enterprise Resource Planning, Digital Business 
Strategies, 2D & 3D Modeling, Blockchain Implementation, UI / UX Design 
and Pattern Recognition. Student skills will be enhanced when they do a 
‘Field-Work’ in the last year of study at one of divisions or company 
that they choose among around sixties Division and the fifteens 
subsidiaries company within BRI Incorporated.

(Majoring in Technopreneurship)
        Students who choose course program Entrepreneurship with majoring in 
Technopreneurship is required to have a strong passion in starting their 
own business at the end of their studies. Many people believed that 
successful entrepreneurs must have the ability and skills in 
communicating, selling, focusing, learning, and make decision 
effectively. This kind of competencies will be gained through some core 
subjects offered in this Field of Study, such as: Quality Management & 
Services, Technology Management, Consumer Behaviour, Business 
Communication, Digital Marketing, Innovation & New Technology, 
Creativity and Innovation, and Millennial Leadership. Similar with other 
field of study, this course program is also given in 3 years in a 
classroom on-campus and 1 year fieldwork off-campus at the divisions and 
subsidiaries companies at BRI-incorporated.

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